The practitioner-researcher

I am an experienced teacher in secondary international education, with particular interests in inquiry-based, critical and post-critical approaches to teaching and learning. I believe in voice, reciprocal relationships and democratic and participatory approaches to education.

I embrace the idea of inquiry, change and lifelong learning. I believe in the construction of knowledge through dialogue between equal partners, and also in the idea that action can be brought about by reflection on the structural hierarchies and societal conditions within which we find ourselves. For me, learning is experiential; as John Dewey (1938) put it, ‘experience plus reflection equals learning’. I also believe that education should be about personal transformation; whether or not goals are reached, or outcomes can be achieved, the journey towards them is what matters.

One reason for choosing to reflect on my experiences in this way is to document my own continuous learning journey, and to allow the practitioner within me to find a voice among those who may just want to listen!

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