Will curiosity really kill the cat?

I decided to begin this blog by considering why it is that I am still so interested in learning so much more. Why am I putting myself through a doctorate in education when I am a full-time teacher? Where did I get this desire to keep learning from? Is my love of learning why I ultimately became a teacher and not an actress or an opera singer, as I so often dreamed of becoming?

Perhaps one answer to these questions is that I feel that there is so much more to know about the world and the people in it. I am just simply curious about things. As I have got older, I feel that I have begun to question so many things, and I have become much more interested in other people, as opposed to that self-interest that seems to dominate when one is younger. I have also begun to question myself, my role as a teacher, and have started to feel the widening gap between me and my students. Why is it that I am resistant to the idea of a mobile phone, and being so available to anyone who wants to contact me? Why is it that I can’t just create an amazing presentation or film in a manner of minutes, as my students can? Why does my passion about injustice and inequality in the world seem to fall on deaf ears most of the time? And finally, why does the obsession with grades drive me to despair?

In my new and current role as a researcher practitioner, I see myself going through a very unique learning journey; one that will hopefully take me to places that would never had occurred to me before. I am excited as well as a little anxious, but most of all, I am oh-so-very curious.


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